about us

the beginning

patrick and royela were born nine (technically eight if you account for the international date line) days and nearly 7,000 miles apart. but for much of their lives, they lived less than 70 miles apart and nearly 19 years later, they both found themselves in college park, maryland, attending the university of maryland together. still, they spent their entire undergraduate careers blissfully unaware of the other. on a campus of more than 30,000 students, their paths never crossed. this, despite the fact that -- as they would later come to realize -- their circles of friends overlapped substantially.

fast forward to august 25, 2006. with a mixture of one part conspiracy and one part good timing, royela and patrick's mutual friends - phil, emily and attia - drew the dotted line between royela and patrick. of course, there's a much longer story, especially as royela tells it, where patrick refuses to be wooed, but suffice it to say, after nearly four months of chance re-introductions, missed phone calls and general misunderstandings, by the time they went on their first date, the timing was right.

and the timing mattered most because today, they are very excited to say, 'patrick and royela are married'!

wedding geese!
we got married! | 우리 결혼 했어요!